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Our Brand & values

Our Brand

Thinkers Alliance promulgates a culture of excellence and the delivery of exceptional customer service. These are fully embodied in its logo, comprising five circles of different sizes, each representing the primary services which we provide.





Put together, the circles present a composite picture of the holistic and wholesome experience that customers expect from us.


Since ancient times, circles have represented unity, protection, wholeness and infinity. As continuous loops without a beginning or an end, circles have also been associated with the number one, in full alignment with Thinkers Alliance’s ideals of being the leading, trusted provider in the financial services industry.


The harmonious circles overlap one another to form a stylised eye, which exemplfies not just the range of complementary but important customised, financial services and insurance-based products, but also the attention to detail that Thinkers Alliance, as a one-stop solution provider, pays to each customer’s needs.


Thinkers Alliance accords to every corporate customer the importance that it demands and every individual customer the personal attention that he deserves.

Our Colours

Blue communicates significance, importance and confidence. Blue is often associated with intelligence, stability, unity and conservatism. Additionally, royal blue represents superiority, importance and the connotation of the connection with royalty.

Gold is the most traded commodity in the world. The vivid colour represents success, achievement and triumph. It is also associated with abundance, prosperity and well-being. It brings out prestige, elegance and sophistication.

Our Values


The selfless ownership of the customers’ problems


The urge to solve the customers’ problems


The self-imposed cultivation of integrity and positive ethos


The motivation to generate innovative, customised solutions

Due Diligence:

The undertaking to pay meticulous attention to accuracy
Thinkers Alliance. You, above all else.