Personal Advisory

Life has its uncertainties. Unexpected events happen from time to time that cause major disruptions to your plans.

At Thinkers Alliance, we offer a comprehensive range of products that aims to have you covered in most aspects of your life.

We cover you in three major areas:

Insurance advice, Financial planning and Investment advice.

While some products in these seemingly-disparate areas stand independently, others are presented to you in the form of services that have overlapping interests.

Further your children’s future education with our education savings plans or provide adequate coverage for your holiday through our travel insurance.

Investment-linked policies, on the other hand, accord you protection while also assuring you of a lump sum in your later years.

Thinkers Alliance, representing Manulife Financial Advisers, with a wide range of products from various principals to form a solution that meets your needs.

Our areas of coverage are as follows:

  • Insurance Advice

    • Family protection
    • Health protection
    • Property Protection
    • Travel Insurance
    • Motor Insurance
  • Financial Planning

    • Retirement Planning
    • Children’s Education
  • Investment Advice

    • Investments

Thinkers Alliance. You, above all else.