Why Us

Thinkers Alliance prides itself in delivering the best solutions with exceptional customer service.

With an average of eight years of industry experience, the founders of the company bring to the table a deep knowledge of the business, industry best practices and unique insights that enable the company to present the best solutions.

Every case is different, so our financial consultants, armed with knowledge of the latest products from the principals, customise unique solutions for our customers, whether they are individuals or companies. Our founders’ long track record of positive claims ensure that customers’ vulnerabilities are well- minimised.

Thinkers Alliance being a branch representing Manulife Financial Advisers (MFA)

We keep ourselves current with up-to-date regulations from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to ensure that we adhere to the rules and that you, the customer, are protected. We instill a culture of good corporate governance so that the interests of the stakeholders, including you, the customer, are taken care of.

At Thinkers Alliance, integrity is a core pillar of our values. We uphold the highest levels of integrity and place customers’ interests before our own. This is exemplified in the way we approach our clients’ needs and propose our solutions.

Speak with us to discover the solutions to your needs.

Thinkers Alliance. You, above all else.