May 21, 2021

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For many, five years present a momentous milestone. For me, the past five years can be summed up as “a leap of faith followed by a blaze of glory”. And for that I have my driven managers and dedicated consultants to thank!

I have always harboured the dream of creating an Alliance of Thinking Consultants ready to do their best for their clients. This idea called out to me so strongly that I had to do something about it; even though it came at one of the most successful points in my banking career and right when I was juggling hefty responsibilities as a new father.

I thought to myself, “If I don’t move now, I might stay here forever.” Hence with this well-considered decision, I took the chance to leave my comfort zone and get started all over again. With the support of other like-minded individuals whom saw the future of financial advisory in the same way I did, we created Thinkers Alliance.

Established on 19 May 2016, the beginning of this journey was a test of our faith and purpose. Despite the naysayers, we were determined to bring our encompassing concept of financial empowerment through good financial planning to more. And this conviction to our mission and values have paid off in fruitful dividends, with a dynamic and fast-growing headcount that brings us year-on-year growth and coveted awards. Most of all, we have helped more people accelerate their progress towards financial freedom, which is what gives us the greatest satisfaction of all.

Today, we celebrate the occasion of turning five and I look forward to the next milestone together with you as one big Thinkers Alliance family!

Visit our refreshed website at to learn more about our team, and for more investment insights and financial planning tips!

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