June 30, 2022

Categories: Planning

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I can’t wait to retire and start enjoying my life!”

This thought must have run through your mind at some point or other; for some it can be an early revelation that motivates them towards the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) method. But after working so hard towards this grand goal – and upon reaching it – some people might still feel an underlying sense of uncertainty and unrest which takes away from their retirement joy.

Retiring is not just bidding goodbye to your professional career. It is also an emotional process that takes a period of adjustment and recalibration.

In the initial three to six months, there is an immense feeling of freedom – you feel like you are on a vacation that is going to last forever. When this sense of novelty wears off and you settle into a slower lifestyle, the fear of not knowing what happens next might start creeping in. For those who chose to retire without concrete lifestyle plans might even experience a loss of purpose and identity, which can lead to depression and anxiety.

Another issue to take into serious regard is the matter of your nest egg – do you have enough to sustain you throughout your living days? With average lifespan on the rise, the possibility of outliving your money is very real. Hence, your retirement income may need to provide for 20, 30 or even 40 years of retirement.

Having a tailored plan in place and getting it reviewed regularly can help you to minimise your risks, whilst ensuring you have access to a steady stream of income to enjoy this new phase of your life.

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